Product Spotlight: Smart Backpack

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Product Spotlight: Smart Backpack

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Product Spotlight: Smart Backpack

You've heard of the smartphone. Now you've seen smartwatches. Introducing....

The Smart Backpack.


Just let that sink in.

A new smart product has arrived.

And it's called Smart Backpack

And its awesome for travel fold like you and me. And for entrepreneurs too! 

Its the smart backpack! A must buy for Christmas 2017!

What makes the Smart Backpack so damn good?

  • Charge your laptop/phone etc on the go!

  • Anti-theft Design with Ant-cutting board side panels! 

  • 180 Degree zipper with a large capacity 36 to 55 liters! 

  • Hidden zipper!

  • Shoulder strap with a hidden pocket!

  • Waterproof - keep your valuables safe from the elements! 

  • Fits 16-inch laptops!

  • Available in 4 different colours: Blue, Black, Purple & Red

Pretty amazing, huh?!

Video Preview

Watch just why the Smart Backpack is the next big thing! 


Excited yet? You should be. Get yours here - For Those Who Value Experiences Over Brands

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